New skatepark plans/designs!

MAZ is very excited to feel that the complete construction of our skate arena is now a potential reality. After Contrax of Silverdale complete the back end of the planned Flow Bowl by December of 2019, we will have achieved 70% of the total skate Park making it one of the best in New Zealand and to an Olympic standard.

$800,000 of fund raising is still needed for The Flow Bowls and Street Plaza and any help from anyone would be appreciated as the hurdle now is achievable whereas before the $500,000 NRC Grant it was daunting.

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The plans/designs by Richard Smith will possibly be slightly modified as Richard talks to key skaters but you can see from the visuals that it all looks damn good and we now just want it finished after nearly 12 years of hard graft!

Enjoy what you see and skate on and contact me if you wish on 021 955850.

Colin Gallagher
MAZ Chairman