Community and the Trust’s Achievements to Date

2022 – 2023

  • Late 2022 the balance of required funding was received for the extension of the Skate Park to include a bigger and better bowl and street plaza. Work has begun on the construction.
  • New individual playground equipment has been added for a combination of age groups.
  • Bunnings, Mangawhai donated our Buddy Seat to promote social awareness and friendships, in recognition of Pink Shirt Day.
  • NO LIMITS Surf and Skate held a “Girls Can Skate” day at the skate park during the school holidays.
  • While our local junior soccer teams struggled to have regular games at their usual field at the Mangawhai Domain, due to weather conditions, we were finally able to accommodate them on our lower field or the multi-purpose purpose court.
  • $5000.00 received from the Mangawhai Opportunity Factory to complete the remediation of the giant skateboard which was donated to us by the NZ Olympic Committee. Further funding has been received from the KDC Reserve Contribution Fund to complete the design and build of the framework on which the board will be displayed, creating a landmark sculpture within the skate park.
  • $5000.00 received from the Tara Iti from the “Spirit of Mangawhai” Annual Golf Tournament.
  • Plans are underway to replace one of the original playground pieces – the ex-MacDonalds plastic tower. Sadly this historical masterpiece is nearing the end of its park life and a new design has been finalized for a replacement structure. Suitable for ages from 12 months to 10 years. Our committee is preparing to launch a funding campaign to raise the $143,000.00 needed to complete the task. Want to donate? Click here or contact Kate at


  • A successful Activity Day held Labour Weekend 2017
  • Junior Pump Track completed
  • Quad Bike & Trailer purchased for use by approved volunteers
  • New Shade Sail installed over the Gym area
  • Mushroom Chairs and Table installed
  • Single CCTV Camera and lighting installed
  • Four Working Bees held
  • A link track from the back of The Skate area to The Gym was built
  • A Successful Volunteers Day was held at The Club
  • An increasing use by both the Local Community and Visitors alike.
  • 17th December saw our 1st Santa Parade in the Children’s Playground
  • Sunday Market was commenced
  • June. Meeting with The Mayor Jason Smith at MAZ
  • August 28th YIPPEE we were 10 Years old!
  • August – MAZ Club launched


  • Dec 2016: The new Pirate Ship with climbing apparatus was installed in the children’s playground, just in time for Christmas.  Imported from Europe, the pirate ship provides a wonderful adventure hangout for kids. A new shade sale was installed over the ship.
  • Feb 2017: The 6thAnnual Vans Mangawhai Bowl Jam was held.  This attracted over 1500 visitors as well as overseas skaters.
  • Apr 2017: The nautical theme was expanded with the new “Rock-A-Boat” installed in the children’s playground.
  • June 2017: Donation boxes were installed in the children’s playground and skatepark areas.
  • Sep 2017: Installation of the new Cool Beans Container Café.
  • Additional seating provided around the park.
  • A new drinking fountain was installed near the children’s playground.
  • Continued development of the lower oval for Cricket and Soccer.
  • Commencement of the 12-station outdoor fitness gym.
  • Initial work on the two junior BMX Pump Bike Tracks.
  • The mushroom chair project commenced, involving children from Mangawhai Beach School.
  • Lost property posts were installed in the children’s playground and skatepark areas.


  • Several canvas shade sails were erected over the BBQ areas and the children’s playground.
  • Feb 2016: We hosted the 5th“Bowl Jam” – the biggest stand-alone event at MAZ.
  • Jun 2016: MAZ welcomed Cool Beans Café and Morgan, who, as well as being a popular member of the skating fraternity, also does a valuable service in overseeing the activities in the park.
  • Jul 2016: The flying fox was installed and is proving to be a very popular addition to the park. Funding for this was raised from the For Everyone Charitable Trust and Foundation North.
  • Aug 2016: We commenced our Crowd Funding Program which started to grow quickly.  Our target is to aim for $800,000 which would basically complete the construction of the total Park. Although a massive ask for a small community we feel we can do this on top of the $1.2 million dollars already raised.  We also launched our donation page on our website.
  • We finished the BBQ’s and started levelling of the lower oval for cricket and junior soccer.
  • Improvements were made to the skate area.


  • Dec 2014: With funding from the Lotteries Grant Board we were able to complete work on the Multi Sports Court. We also continued work on water reticulation and installed memorial seats.
  • Feb 2014: We hosted the 4th“Bowl Jam” which is growing in popularity.  Skateboard lessons are also available in the Park.
  • Jun 2015: A very successful Casino Royale night raised just over $41,000.  These funds are to be used to build BBQ areas around the children’s playground.
  • Oct 2014: Work continued on the next stage of the skatepark and with funding from MELA we were able to build the volcanos in the Skatepark.


  • Oct 2013: The first of our Nikau Palms are planted in the planter’s box.
  • Jan 2014: The concrete snake pathway was completed. The pathway is being used by smaller children to ride trikes and scoot around the small children’s playground. The sale of named plaques for a $40 donation, installed around the pathway, contributed funds for the snake pathway.
  • May/June 2014: TheThe walking and bike tracks behind the playground were completed, including a small children’s bike track through the trees made by the Tracks Trust.
  • May 2014: The flying saucer swing in the children’s playground area was installed. This design was chosen specifically for disabled children to have something to enjoy in the park.


  • Feb 2013: With the funding of Lotteries, the first half of stage 2 of the skate facility was constructed.
  • April 2013: The Gazebo in the skate facility has been constructed with the assistance of the local building supplier Placemakers and Q Construction an Auckland Based Company with links to the Mangawhai Area.
  • June 2013: A children’s playground was purchased from Sylvia Park Mall for a sum of $3500, it was disassembled by volunteers and trucked north to Mangawhai Activity Zone where the first portion of it has been assembled in the children’s playground. The playground is 4 yrs old and Sylvia Park purchased it new for $130,000.
  • Sept 2013: Tables and Stools are installed in the Skate Facility, these were picked up for free from Sylvia Park. They just wanted them removed. Seat tops were re-stained and installed in the park.
  • Oct 2013: The first of our Nikau Palms are planted in the planter’s box.


  • A further 3 items of play equipment for the children’s playground were purchased and installed to the value $15000.
  • The Trust constructed and auctioned a speculative house with the assistance of a local building company and many local trades people and merchants. This raised a net profit of just over $60,000.
  • Work has continued on the development of the large playing field. It was shaped, prepared and planted in grass.
  • In conjunction with the Mangawhai Tracks Trust and with the assistance of the Corrections Department we have constructed and marked over 6kms of walking and mountain bike tracks throughout the park these are due to be opened on the 10th of November, 2012.
  • Lotteries Commission grant successful for $90,000 plus GST was provided for stage 2 of the skate facility.


  • Some 4000 native trees have been planted in the park.
  • A 2010 application to the Endowment Fund was successful in the granting of $9000 which enabled the trust to level and prepare the field area for turf.
  • Funds provided by the Sir John Logan Campbell Trust and the Local Rotary enabled the construction and installation of the first piece of play equipment, a six-seat swing set, into the children’s playground.
  • A successful application to Pub Charity for a sum of $69,000 enabled the construction of the skate facility to begin. The funds from Pub Charity were tagged for the materials to construct approx. 45-50% of this facility of stage one of the facility.
  • Kaipara District Council provided $200,000 on a dollar raised-dollar provided equation. The trust raised the equal amount of 200K to match the council funding.
  • Construction of the first bowl began in December 2010. This first bowl was completed on the 16th of March 2011.
  • Construction on the second and largest bowl and the platforms around both bowls was completed at the end of May 2011.
  • An application to ASB Trust was been successful in providing $50.000. These funds are tagged by ASB Trust as to be used in the labour component in the skate facility Construction. These funds were drawn down and the audit trail completed with ASB.


As a result of ongoing strategic planning by the committee expressions of interest were sought from a number of open spaces designers and specialist skate park design/build teams.

  • Soul Environments, of Auckland were confirmed to provide concepts designs for the park.
  • Premium Skatepark Designs were confirmed to provide designs for the skate facility.
  • Both the design of the Park and of the skate facility were submitted to and approved by Kaipara District Council.
  • Local fundraising has been ongoing and has included painting/raffles/firewood and the like resulting in the Trust raising a further $15,500.
  • The Mangawhai Endowment Fund provided $27,500 to the Trust.
  • As a result of considerable community involvement the trust has managed to complete the clearing of the development site and 70% of the land contouring.
  • Also as a result of community involvement the multi-purpose court facility has been constructed.  This is a 600m2 level concrete surface.  It was our goal to create this surface to be used as temporary skate area, aimed at getting our children off the streets, out of the shops and school.  This goal was realised in March.


  • Mangawhai Activity Zone Charitable Trust established.
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued.
  • As a result of consultation with the community, an area within Mangawhai Park was identified as being suitable for the development.
  • Submission made to Kaipara District Council to have the parcel of land made available.  KDC approved the submission.


  • Signatures collected outlining the community identifying a need for a skate facility.   Submission made to council in relation to this.
  • Council provides $20,000 from the Reserve Contribution Fund to assist in developing concepts and plans.