Mountain Bike Tracks Now Ready

There is now a 500m length family bike track ready at Mangawhai Activity Zone.

This track can be used for walking, biking and running. It was built by Gordon Hoskin and Warren Stott. Thank you!

The family bike track winds its way through gum trees, from the carpark end of the park, around the back of the park, to emerge at the other end of the park by the skate bowls.

Branching off from the family track is an elite level bike track which takes riders up over the hill overlooking the skate park and children’s playground.

This track will eventually be graded intermediate, but for the moment some corners are very heavy with soft sand making it more difficult. This track has been built by the Department of Corrections, with input by Gordon and Warren.

Portions of this track are now open, and the track is still being developed and extended. Along the track there are various exit points built to allow riders to vary the length of their ride and to allow the part of the track which has been built so far to be accessible.

From the top of the hill overlooking the park a walking track begins. This gives a 10 minute walk through cool glades. It will link up eventually with the Last of the Summer Wine track. It can be continued now to walk through to a sandstone gully.

MAZ plans to build a pump track in the area below the children’s playground. This is coming up next, so watch this space! And if you would like to help us complete the park please consider making a donation today.