Chairman’s Report for MAZ for the year ending 30th September 2017

A steady year of progress with Grants and Donations totalling $100,000 (Grants K$60 Donations K$40) with Total Assets now $1,245,000.

The Committee logged up an impressive 1,880 hours of voluntary time which was a 12% increase on the previous year and a sincere thanks goes to our members including new ones which I state later on. Without this dedicated work The MAZ Park could not function effectively and we need to keep the momentum going for future generations to enjoy.

Highlights regarding Park additions included –

  • the Pirate ship with climbing apparatus
  • a new shade sail over the ship
  • additional seating
  • rocker boat installed
  • our first drinking fountain was installed
  • continued development of the lower oval for Cricket and Soccer
  • commencement of the 12 station outdoor fitness gym
  • initial work on the two junior Pump Tracks
  • the installation of the Cool Beans Container Cafe
  • installation of the mushroom seats and table

Although we have seen an increased use of The Park throughout the year we only had one major event which was the successful 2017 Bowl Jam which attracted over 1500 visitors as well as overseas skaters. Some lessons were learnt which were put in place for the 2018 Bowl Jam.

Other events to note –

  • total Crowd Funding to 30/9/17 (14 months) was $43,395
  • numerous funding requests/applications were made to KDC for serious funding from The Reserve Contribution Fund (without success)
  • John Phillis joined us in November 2016
  • Ken Raywood joined us in February 2017
  • Mary Kelleher joined us as secretary
  • Sue Clayton joined us in a media role
  • Hamish Judson joined us as Web master/IT person on Cesar’s retirement
  • we took on being the Charity of Choice for Emma and Corey who planned to do the Mongol Rally
  • June 2017 3 donation boxes were installed
  • September 2017 The Container Cafe for Cool Beans was installed
  • a number of working bees were held throughout the year capably organised by John

A satisfying year but not spectacular by our high standards  although we continue to generate an increasing Park usage which is the reason for our hard work and commitment.Our challenge ahead is to achieve urgently funds to complete the skate arena as we have been trying so hard to do. Our hope here is to get funding from The KDC RCF out of the Long Term Plan. Without it I can’t see the skate arena being FINISHED.Our other major cost will be for the building of our planned Sound Shell for Community use plus the building of our own meeting place and storage facility which we have decided will now go in front of The Container Cafe. This will now incorporate external seating for Cafe patrons to watch their children play.Other projects to complete are -the Pump tracks- the 2m track from the skate area via the Pump tracks to the multi skilled BMX tracks (to be built) behind St. Johns – further shade sails – Native Tree planting – Cricket Nets and further seating with sheltered areas – irrigation and a roadway to the Sound Shell plus increased CCTV coverage.

Thank you once again as it continues to be a rewarding involvement for myself with such a supportive committee and I hope you all feel the same with a positive year already started.

Best wishes
Colin Gallagher 12/3/18.